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This guide is build for the smart people (yes that's you), and people that does not want to spend money on software programs, when it's also possible to get the download for free. That's why the free software downloads website is build.

Freeware & Open Source software download

Did you know, that there is almost for every software program, an alternative free software application that you can download from the internet ?

And did you know, that these alternative downloads are sometimes even better than the one's you have to buy ?

Well, with this website, we are going to give you more information and the official links to freeware and open source downloads.

Save money, use our software downloads guide !

The purpose of this downloads guide is to let people know all over the world, that there is a way to get exact what you need, and without spending big Dollars or Euro's.  Life is short and expensive !  Let us try to make it a little cheaper by showing you the way to free and legal program downloads.

About the software applications we are going to mention:
All the freeware and open source programs we speak about on this website, we have tested to make sure there is no spy-ware in it.  Of course we can't give you garantie, we only try to make life easy for you by showing you the way to free software downloads.

We shall try to give our opinion and commentary as good as possible and hope we can help.
Do you know some free software downloads ?
If you to, like to help our visitors to let them know about the free program downloads that you know and we did not already speak about, contact us and send us a little article about it.

We shall be happy to give the freeware or open source download a test, and maybe your artikel can get a full page about it on our website.  Of course, if you will so, we mention your name under it.

In the name of all the visitors that like this guide, we thank you for the free information you send us to make our website bigger and better.

We try to give you the best freeware download links and information.
We try to give you the best open source download links and information.
So we hope you enjoy our free software downloads website.

Have a nice time with the use of your applications.
At this moment we provide information with download links for the following topics:
FTP software - internet browsers - Free backup software - Free photo editing software - Free anti virus software downloads - anti-spyware and Malware software
The Free software downloads team